Supporting hero role available in legends game

Supporting hero role available in legends game

In every game the player should be bold enough to face the battle with enemies on that case the defensive troop holds with several heroes with their own feature same way in mobile legends game also there are some special feature heroes available as a team with the player. The player can select anyone featured hero at the initial time of game. The game has five characters of heroes whenever the game starts the player comes under anyone of the five characters based on the player primary starts and their play style which are listed below

  • Tank
  • Fighters
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Support

Among the list players can choose tank, fighters, assassin, mage and marksman in his initial play all these five heroes fight against the battle and try to win the battle with their special features. When player win the battle he is rewarded with several resources by using that player can unlock the higher levels of the game. While heroes goes on moving forward at the middle of the game player struggle to survive in that cases the player has to buy a new special featured supporting hero.

Supporting role is mainly to aid and help to protect players’ allies in rare situation moreover the supporting hero has a major role of healing the damaged heroes, shield the other heroes from the attack on most of the situation the supporting hero has to scarify their life in order to save other lives.

In mobile legends game currently there is only one supporting hero Rafaela (regan) while there are some other heroes too with healing abilities and defensive abilities but Rafaela is different from all other heroes she support other heroes in the battle. Mostly Rafaela fight along with tank if someone needs support she is ready available for them.

How to unlock Rafaela in the game play

Generally Rafaela is unlocked in higher levels the player should need several battle points and diamonds to unlock the supporting hero in order to get more resources player generally use some addition sources such as mobile legends hack  tool which enables the player to claim for free resources to their gaming account.

More over mobile legends generator tools are simple use

  • It does not need any software to download
  • These tools generally do not demand funds from the player to generate free resources.
  • The tool is designed in simple platform
  • As mobile legends hack tool does not get any details from the player to provide resources
  • It is applicable to Ipad, Iphone, IOS and Android mobile devices.

The player should follow some simple steps first the player has to enter his username and fill the required amount of resources. The resources will be credited to the players account just by clicking submit in the hack tool.

By using this tool the player can unlock the Rafaela in the game play and it is most powerful when Rafaela is paired with high damaging hero such as marksman.



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